Monday, October 3, 2011

Wolf Shaman

I really like how he turned out, enough so that I might start paint up and play WarLord by Reaper.
Love the ear rings!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Monday, September 26, 2011

So what can the Assualt Cannon do to a Space Marine

Well I have shown what it can do to a Rhino, what can the assault cannon do to the Marines in its sights?

That is an average of 1.8 kills per firing.

And speaking of that Rhino, what do the are the odds that Penetrating hit does something interesting, Weapon destroyed are better.

It best to view this as two separate question rather then two halves of the same question.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

My new MathHammer trick.

Do you remember this post, if not go back and read it.

OK here some thing new; so for my lovely assistant I will use turn three with four units waiting in the wings to come on. Remember on each roll that a 66.7% chance of a successful dice roll.

1.2%   chance that zero will come on.
9.9%   chance that one will come on.
29.6% chance that two will come on.
39.5% chance that three will come on.
19.6% chance that four will come on.

Well that come out to an average 2.7 units will come on given this set up.  How does .7 of a unit come on, you ask, or even were does this number come from?  Well think of it this way, let say that you have to make this roll 100 times.  This means you will get zero units on 1.2 times out of the 100. One unit 9.9 times out of a 100, 29.6 of 100 rolls will get you two units, 39.5 of 100 three units come on, and finally four units will come on 19.6 times out of the 100 dice rolls. 
Then we need to see home many total untis come on for the 100 rolls.
(0 x 1.2) + (1 x 9.9) + (2 x 29.6) + (3 x 39.5) + (4 x 19.6) = 266 unit* coming on to the board if you rolled this out 100 times.  Well you rolled the dice 100 times so if you divide 266 by 100 you get an average of 2.7 units per roll.

Still confused yet me know an I see if I can explain in another way. 

* statically, results may vary in actual game play.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Assault Cannon vs. Rhino (Armour 12)

Here gust a quick post that I did after reading about an assault cannon vs. a psycannon.  As far as they go, odds wise, they are the same expert in one regard, an auto cannon can not get a shaken result vs. Armour 12.


And here my new trick I picked up, that on average .4 penetrating hits each time fired.  More on were that number comes from next time.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Eye Candy

Here is a servitor that I painted up while I should have been finishing my blood bowl team (six down seven to go).

Monday, August 22, 2011

Battle of Port Gibson, American Civil War

While on vacation I had a chance to play a game of Johnny Reb III, now not that bad of a rule set, but I still love Johnny Reb II more.  Alas I have no copy of thous rules any more, but here is how the battle went down, before I had to get back on the road and head for home.

Port Gibson: 1st of May, 1863; Mississippi

Here are the battle lines, I played the Yanks and my opponent took the Rebs.

One thing that made this engagement interesting is the fact that the only open ground was on the hill tops and all the ground in the valleys was ruff and slow going, 3" a turn compared to 6" on the hill tops.

The Battle Lines (Left Flank), Yanks on the Left & Rebs on the Right.
Battle Lines (Right Flank), over looking Yankee Artillery

That how we set up, we had not put the road down yet but there is a road that pass behind these hills and to my left flank.  The objective here was to capture the three crossroads on the left side of the board.  I had another Brigade that would come in on turn four and he had one that would be marching in on turn one opposite were I placed my artillery.

Here is a shot of my center and left flank and the crossroads that were the objective.
Looking over the hill, throe the fog of war, at the Rebel lines.

Brigade General prepared to lead a push up the center (it did not turn out well).

Turn One:
Yank Turn I, the left flank advance in to ruff ground.  The red cap mark they have not shot yet, which is a major plus to their opining volley.

The Center goes forth and the Right stand firm.  You can see the Rebs marching on far side of the board.
Another shot of the left flank.

Rebels Turn I: Turn from column and prepared to cross the field in the face of cannon fire.
Turn Two
The center closing to charge, white caps shows casualties.

His opening volley did already has me at a stand down, but I have more men then he does. 
With only 3" a turn in the ruff ground between the hills and the danger of charging to soon and  arriving in disorder, it would have took me a few turns to cross the ground.  I elected to move to normal range, and then stand and shoot.  While me extreme left flank advanced to charging distance.
The center still advancing.
Turn Three:
Still plugging away here, but ...

The Rebs are down more stands then me.

I still have not fired my opening shots, a bonus I wasted by not moving in closer and fire on the move (rather than standing and shooting)

Not much action on the Right, just a few casualties due to cannon fire. 
End of Turn Three, break for lunch.

Turn Four:

Disastrous charge, one unit bounced back in disorder, the other running for the hills.
I did not weaken his line enough before the charge, and the cannon did me in.  This was a big mistake for me but not game ending, I had fresh reserves that I could throw in to the fight down the Center.
Another failed charge, but combined fire force one of his units to run.

This time my unit only shook not routed, yellow cap, but my sustained fire down at the center of his line forced a morel check and he ran.

Turn Five:
My reinforcements.

This was unfortunately the end of the game, I had a plane to catch and we could not keep going.  On a bright side, a lot of these miniatures were ones I painted in High School and Jr. High.  It was nice to see them again, plus my opponent sent them up to me, so now I have a divisions of Yanks and division of Rebs to play with any time I want.

Well what do you think, is this an interest to you are is historical not your thing?

Monday, August 8, 2011

His name is mud!

Ok so when I got to the store this Sunday there was a mini-tournament underway.  Play two games, any two games.  Whoever has the best record for the day wins 40$ prize support. I brought Blood Bowl so that what I played for both games.  Well I won my first game, my elves are quick, and they were up at the half by in the second game.  This is where thing started to fall apart.  My open scored and the game was tied, one to one.  In the last rounds of play my opponent fumble the ball and I make a run for the end zone, one step away from the win, and a fifty - fifty chance at the prize.  Only one other person had won both his games.  Out of re-rolls and all I need to do was push one step and not roll a one. 

Guess what came up on the dice.

His name is now mud.