Sunday, July 17, 2011

Vaction and an Blog to Watch

I will be off on vacation for the next two weeks, but I found a blog that has given me a lot to think of.

Bringer of Victory

It reads as if is written by an economist, but this is a good thing.  It seems that the blogger has come up with a system evaluating the usefulness of units.  I have not read enough yet to say or understand what exactly he doing, or if I agree with his methodology. 

Bringer of Victory is doing something a bit different then I set out to do.  I want to show the odds of how many kills a single unit will get, he is evaluating a whole list over the entire game, and giving it a numeric score.  When I get back from vacation I will be more informed and better able to give my two cents.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ok so now what?

 Recently I bought a lot of models off an old friend.  Problem is they are Dark Angles and I don't play Dark Angles, and am not to interested in them as an Army.  Now why would I do this, well he need the money and I had it, there was another other Marine stuff in the deal that I did want, and it was a packaget deal.  So here what I got.

Going to keep these scouts as they are, kind of like the paint job.

Happy about these guys, but they need to be striped a re-painted.

Very excited about this, all four Chapter Masters, though one is missing his sword. Need to call my friend up and see if he forgot to ship it.

A Death Wing squad with Terminator.  Paint job is OK, but could use some touch ups, but I am unsure at if I going to keep the white, does not fit with my army.  I hate to redo some one else work when it is decent.

The next army build I am going for is Master of the Forge with six dreadnoughts.  Despite how well these are painted, I not going to keep the green and these will be striped and repainted.

 Not to much of a fan of the old stuff like this, so I have another buddy that might be willing to trade me something for this.
 Now we are getting to the problems:

First is that I have eight full Raven Wing Upgrades sprunes, and eleven bikes that have these wing motifs that I don't care for.  

Besides my Master of the Forge build, I want my next army to be a hybrid.  I want to be able to play it as Space Wolves or Black Templar.  I don't mind the sword motif of the Dark Angels but I not to hot on all the feathers and wings.  On top of that I don't like the Bikes, not sure it my style of game play and am sure I don't like the models that much.  I might trade the bikes away, or I could sit on them and get over my objections, it just those wings need to go.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Geeking out TMBG.,53068/.

Ok so I am showing my age, but enjoy.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

How to get to the Chewy Center, of a rhino.

I like to run my Hormagaunts with toxin sacs and adrenal glands. This is for a few reasons, but if I was perfectly honest, I am looking for points.  The other day I was building a 2000pt army and I was scraping to come up with all the points the way I wanted them.  Oh well time to buy more stuff.  The other reason is that at strength 4 Hormagaunts have a 1/6 chance to glance Armour 10.  Ok bad odds, but they do get a whole lot of attacks, just fifteen models get 45 chances to crack that rhino and eat on the chew center.

So here the question: What are the odds for something interesting to happen (a result of 3 or 4 on vehicle damage chart) if I charge with 10, 20, 30, and 15 models?  

First off if the vehicle moved 6":

Well if start with 20 to 25 Hormagaunts, I probably will have 10 to 15 by the time I start attacking that armored transport, so looking at the chart that means it most likely that I get one to two hit that I want, but that not the point, while nice, what more likely to happen is you stun or shake the tank so the next round you can really lay it open. 

Here the chart of how many shaken or stuns you can expect:

All it takes is one to make the transport immobilized the next turn.  And it looks like the odds of getting least one are good.  So now the transport is sitting there and you auto hit on your next round, what does the numbers look like?

      Well there are the numbers, have at them and enjoy.  As a last note want to say, these odds themselves do not make the game.  There is still an opponent on the other side of the table reacting to what you do and trying to counter the easy kill you have set up.  I might be able to run these numbers, but I still would not call myself a good player.  I tend to loses more then I win.