Thursday, January 19, 2012

Escalation League Photos

 A Sunday at Adventure Underground.

Look Ma, Fantasy!

 Truth be told I have a now four Fantasy armies started or purchased, and I just need to bring one down and have some one teach me to play.

Gray Knights (Trent, 79.2 pt) vs. Mechanized Grots (David, 36.9pt). 

My Space Marines (48.5) vs. Ronnie's Tyranids (78.5)

Oh, Star Trek Models! or Full Trust vs. Firestorm Armada!

Eldar (Tycho, 48.6) vs. Dark Eldar (Jeremiah, 63.3)
The points or how many league point that game picked up. 

What do you think?

How this for a look of a squad?
A while back I picked up a bunch of Dark Angles, but I have not intent of playing Dark Angles, so what to do with all the bodies.  Here one Idea that I have to start a squad.  Thinking about running this as a Sternguard, then latter as may be a Wolf Guard.  Still need to pick out a color scheme too.
The first of my Space Wolves, thinking about bodies and leg.

Here the other option for the wolf head.
 I basically want a full squad of Marines with the wolf head for the space wolf spruce.  I want to assemble them and paint them so I can play them as Regular, Black Templar, or Space Wolves.  I am finding the by setting rules out on how the models should look, help make for a unified look in the squad.

This will be much fun to paint.
Sternguard Squad to be Drop Poding in, for the Escalation League I am running.

As always let me know what yall think.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Things I am working on.

*Escalation League (Need to share my stuff with you)
*Fire Storm Armada (Will Have a Dindrenzi Federation fleet to play with)
*Dice Probability for Fire Storm Armada(exploding dice!!!)
*Drop Pod Space Marine Army
*Stats for Marine Snipers

I hope I can find the time to share all of this with you.  Let me know what you want to see first.

Escalation League

So I besides being in grad school, teaching full time, I have been running an escalation league at my local FLGS.  I just want to do a quick post here to show the scores so far.

Rank Player Average Std.Dev. Games played
1  Jeremiah   77.4      0.65       2
2  Trent          74.2     0.55       4
3 Ronnie       73.0      0.51       2
4 Dustin        63.3      0.20       1
5 James         54.6     -0.08      1
6 Carl            48.6     -0.27      3
7 David          40.5     -0.53      4
8 Tycho          39.1     -0.58      3

Jeremiah 50.0
Trent 45.6
Ronnie 43.8
Dustin 32.7
Carl 20.6
James 19.7
David 5.3
Tycho 4.9

James 22.0
David 20.1
Ronnie 17.6
Tycho 16.9
Dustin 16.7
Carl 14.8
Jeremiah 14.5
Trent 12.2

Tycho 17.3
Trent 16.4
David 15.2
Dustin 13.9
Carl 13.1
Jeremiah 12.9
James 12.9
Ronnie 11.6

And Tycho is the best go to guy on the rules so far (4.4 avg.) and Ronnie is in
last place (2.5 avg.).