About Me

     I have been playing games my whole life, I got my start early with my grandfather teaching me how to play poker and gamble.  My cousins hooked me into RPG in middle school, and while he played Warhamer and 40K at the time, I did not think much of the game.  I did think that Space Hulks was cool though and even went out and bought the IBM computer game.  Growing in Jr High and High school I played D&D with my friends and my next door neighbor taught me how to paint and play historical miniatures (mostly Ancients and American Civil War).
     In college I found what I still think is the best RPG, Alternity first published by TSR and then Wizards of the Coast.  Fast forward a many years and I had just moved to Austin, TX were an old friend keep bugging me to get into WH40K with him.  I relented and did, picked up Assault on Black Reach.  I took the Marines he took the Orks.  Now on these pages you see what has become of me.

   In addition to my gaming history, I current living in Western Washington, happy marred and have one the brightest daughters under the age of three.

Carl Walther