Monday, August 8, 2011

His name is mud!

Ok so when I got to the store this Sunday there was a mini-tournament underway.  Play two games, any two games.  Whoever has the best record for the day wins 40$ prize support. I brought Blood Bowl so that what I played for both games.  Well I won my first game, my elves are quick, and they were up at the half by in the second game.  This is where thing started to fall apart.  My open scored and the game was tied, one to one.  In the last rounds of play my opponent fumble the ball and I make a run for the end zone, one step away from the win, and a fifty - fifty chance at the prize.  Only one other person had won both his games.  Out of re-rolls and all I need to do was push one step and not roll a one. 

Guess what came up on the dice.

His name is now mud.

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