Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dreadnough (Now based!)

By on of my first followers it was suggested that I base my dreadnought.  So here is the fruit of my labor.

As to why I did not do this in the first place, I don't know why.  Probably for a good reason, but because I have forgotten, the task is now done.  This close up, I see that I need really need to step up my game when I get around to painting my Forge World Dreadnoughts.

Here is another thing on the back burner.

And the last thing for the evening some things I painted back in high school that I need to blow the dust off of.  I hosting an engagement at Iron Bottom Sound during the Guadalcanal Campaign for the guys my local FLGS.


  1. Great base man, one thing I'll suggest though, paint the rim black. Take a thin brush and carefully paint the rim. Other than that looks great.

  2. On purpose I can assure you, but it will be done.

  3. Good looking dreadnought and always nice to see another boy in blue.

    My only advice would be to remove the mold lines and either drill out or paint the gun barrels.

    Also, what game are the ships for? I have been looking fora decent naval game.

  4. As for the Dreadnought, I going to leave the ruff edges, this was the first WH40K model I painted, So I want to leave it as a benchmark as to how far I come.
    As for the ships, how in depth do you want your rules, for the set I use is about as histrionically accurate as they come. If I remember right, they use it at Annapolis. Well any way here the rules, as for the miniature it can be found here, .