Thursday, June 23, 2011

Chance of Passing a Leadership Test (WH40K)


We probaly all know this and it not to hard to figure out, but I going to post it any way just so other can have it as a refrance.

Back ground:

   Leadership test are a 2d6 and need to roll under you beast leadership in the unit.  This roll can be motified, but I going to give teh strait odds here. Not all number are created egual when rolling two dice, seven comes up the most often and the odds falling off as you move away from seven.

 Leadership    % Chance
2 2.8%
3 8.3%
4 16.7%
5 27.8%
6 41.7%
7 58.3%
8 72.2%
9 83.3%
10 91.7%
11 97.2%
12 100.0%

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