Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Dreadnought to show off.

 Math Hammering will not be the only thing I post here, I also want to show off time to time, so here a figure from my collection.

Brother Friedrich Kals
One of the first Marines figures that I painted, not the best of my work, but still not too shabby.

By the way I call my Marines Walther's Dragoons, which are you basic Vanilla Space Marines Chapter.

Half Ork Monk

I also paint fantasy miniatures, Reaper being the most common brand that I buy.  Here is a D&D character that from a long gone game that I painted up.


  1. Real nice dready man.
    First follower and look forward to more content.

  2. Real nice solid blue on that AOBR dread. Reacts to the lighting well. I always suggest basing your minis but your call!

    Also, second follower :D

  3. Thanks to both of you for kind words. Not quite done with the dreadnought yet, and I just have not gotten around to basing it yet, but that is coming. Might even do it tonight.

    Oh, welcome aboard.