Monday, June 20, 2011

Hello World!

Ok now that the cliché is out of the way, why this, why now.  I love games, board games, Role Playing Games and Wargames (both historical and fanciful.)  My other love is science and math.  I am one of those geeks that finds true enjoyment in crunching the numbers.  So were these two worlds intersect, and with some overlapping, this blog is born.  It will be a way for me to share what I have done with the rest of the internet.
Now I will try to claim that I am inventing the wheel here, I am sure that most of this has been found out before.  I just want to make my work assessable here, and also teach other in an understandable way, how to duplicate what I have done.  I am by far not an expert on dice probability, but at the same time not spring chicken either. 
Well thanks for finding the place, hang around and tell me what you like and don’t like. 


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