Friday, June 24, 2011

Goodnight Moon.

Once my daughter goes to bed I can get some hobby time in, so here is what I have finished this night.

Truth is the ships were painted back in 97, but I just put them on bases and painted them tonight.

The high elves are not mine but my wife's, so I will not be painting them, but she asked me to clean the mold lines off them (she thinks I do a better job at it.)

So this is what I have gotten done tonight, and here is a preview of post I have coming down the pipe.
-An analysis of the squares of dice, or how out of true they are.
-Statistically, what is the best weapon load out for Termagants when facing off against Space Marines?
-Exactly who is a Spine Fist worth taking against?
-More detailed explanation of Binomial Theory, and why you must know this if you want to do Math Hammering right. (Long term goal here, want to do this right so it can become a much used reference.)
-Brainstorming of Ideas of the escalation campaign I will run in August.

Some of these articles or in the process of being written, other are just excel files and notes that need to be typed up.  If you let me know what you are more interested in I put more energy in it.

So goodnight moon, goodnight room, goodnight mittens and kittens. I must go to be so I can teach robotics in the morn.


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