Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wow! Hormagaunts are a guradsman worst nightmare!

Working on my next post, but here a sneak preview.

Hormagaunts vs T3 A4+, the chance for any one attack to kill is 21.9%.  Wow!

Does this mean you will kill about 1/5th of the biomass your attacking, not necessarily so, and that the point I am trying to get across in this blog. One: 21.9% takes calculating two re rolls, which takes some thinking ( I show you the scan of my scratch work here at the end.) Two: to scale this up to more attacks you have to use Binomial Theory (and yes a explanation of what this is is coming.)

Other results from my work so far (to kill for one attack):
w/ Toxin Sacs vs.
>T3 A3+ --> 9.7%
T3 A4+   --> 21.9%
T3 A5+   --> 29.2%

w/ out Toxin Sacs vs.
T4 A3+  --> 6.5%
T3 A4+  --> 14.6%
T3 A5+  --> 19.4%

I should note the first time I ran the numbers I was of by double, it was only after I went back and looked at the numbers in context, that a nagging voice said I should double check my work.  But as of now these numbers are correct.

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