Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ok so now what?

 Recently I bought a lot of models off an old friend.  Problem is they are Dark Angles and I don't play Dark Angles, and am not to interested in them as an Army.  Now why would I do this, well he need the money and I had it, there was another other Marine stuff in the deal that I did want, and it was a packaget deal.  So here what I got.

Going to keep these scouts as they are, kind of like the paint job.

Happy about these guys, but they need to be striped a re-painted.

Very excited about this, all four Chapter Masters, though one is missing his sword. Need to call my friend up and see if he forgot to ship it.

A Death Wing squad with Terminator.  Paint job is OK, but could use some touch ups, but I am unsure at if I going to keep the white, does not fit with my army.  I hate to redo some one else work when it is decent.

The next army build I am going for is Master of the Forge with six dreadnoughts.  Despite how well these are painted, I not going to keep the green and these will be striped and repainted.

 Not to much of a fan of the old stuff like this, so I have another buddy that might be willing to trade me something for this.
 Now we are getting to the problems:

First is that I have eight full Raven Wing Upgrades sprunes, and eleven bikes that have these wing motifs that I don't care for.  

Besides my Master of the Forge build, I want my next army to be a hybrid.  I want to be able to play it as Space Wolves or Black Templar.  I don't mind the sword motif of the Dark Angels but I not to hot on all the feathers and wings.  On top of that I don't like the Bikes, not sure it my style of game play and am sure I don't like the models that much.  I might trade the bikes away, or I could sit on them and get over my objections, it just those wings need to go.


  1. Generally a good set of minis you have there.
    I wish I had a friend that wanted to get rid of some SM's for me haha.

  2. Been stripping paint off minis, the Rhinos have at least five layers on them.