Saturday, August 6, 2011

Blood Bowl (Elves)

My local FLGS is having a Blood Bowl League so I went and bought a team.  There is also a painting comption going on at the same time, so this is also my entery in to.

Here are the three test models that I finished tonight.  I spending a lot of time one each model before going on to the next, but still dabbing paint on the next model.  This sort of hybrid approach has been fun and I think I finish the whole lot (17 in total) in small batches.  Not as fast if I was doing it assemble style but have till the end of the month to finish.
 This is them cleaned and mounted, the flanges on the bottom were so small I used green stuff to mount them and fill in the slat on the base.

 The next part was putting down some basing material I picked up from a model train store.  My plan is to cover this with grass turf latter, but still have some the under gravel sticking out.
 Then tape down to a stick and primed gray, I now do all priming in gray, it between black (which I don't like) and white (very hard to get good results). 
 Here is the finish product, or at least what is done now.  Love how the cheerleader base came out. She also has by far the best face I have ever painted. Funny thing is she is the wrong model, I order a different on from my local FLGS, but I liked her so I keeped her.  I going to order the other on, so I have two cheerleaders. 
 As always let me know what you think!

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