Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Go to an Art Museum, no Seriously GO!

On vacation I had the opportunity to visit a small but wonderful exhibit on Venetian Renaissance painters The Houston Museum of Fine Arts. Which in two very famous paintings by Titian: Diana and Actaeon & Diana and Callisto.  If you are any sort of painter, it worth checking this exhibit out, it a traveling one (on loan from Scotland), but I’m not sure where it going after it leaves Houston. 

 Before I get to my point I want you to check out this link here.  You can read the text if you like but what I want you to pay attention to is robe of the Madonna and the Pink flag.   

Go look, I be here when you get back.

Back, no really look first then read on.

The whole exhibit was this excellent work of use of colour, light and dark, and lines to define clothing.  I cannot think of a single cape or article of clothing on a miniature that would not benefit form a little time studding how a master dealt with such subjects.

That was one of my favorite paintings in the collection, the other was one of Venus by Titian, while the two of Diana were nice, in this on of Venus, he masters how to paint flesh, and there a lot there to paint.

So here my point, get yourself to an art museum and take a time to look at what other people have done.  Get yourself inspired.  My one regret is I did not bring my camera in so I do not have pictures to study after wards.

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