Saturday, August 6, 2011

Mathhammer Links

I want to incorporate what Bringer of Victory Metrics in to how I crunch my numbers.  I want a system to compare units.  I think he has a good system, but there this voice in the back of my head that says he over looking something.  This is a familiar voice for me, that has severed me well in my math and science back ground.  I need to spend some time not reading but doing some pencil and paper work so I can fully understand what going on.  Any way here is the FAQ.

Also here a OK link as how to do mathhammering.

Off to play blood bowl tomorrow.  In addition I want to post some more probability sheets in the next week along with a battle report or two.  I have on American Civil War game to post and if I get a game in tomorrow I try to get that up too.  It would be nice to do a detail annalists of the game, see how reality stacks with the numbers, but not sure how to record the data I would need and still enjoy the game.

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